Poems about Beauty


Something Beautiful of You


Just yesterday I saw something so

Beautiful of You

That I stopped mid-breath.


Today I saw something so

Beautiful of You

That my heart skipped a beat.


Something Beautiful of You


Tomorrow, O Lord,

I wait anxiously –

Will you snatch me away





You are Beautiful


You are not only Beautiful for what Beautiful things You are,

but You are Beautiful also for the things You are not.




It rains now


Like the russety covers in fall

Like the parent of a child small

He even makes the raindrops small

So they don´t hurt when they fall.



Benevolent unto us


Did you create writing

Thinking of this day

When people would write

Out of love for You?

Could You be so benevolent

unto us?




How come?



of myriad grains

no end.



of myriad brains



But you come

just to snatch my tiny heart away.

– How come?





World of beauty-day


My poems will have to

end one day,

Verily because I shall make my life

end one day.

But You will not let Your creation, poetry

end anyday.

You wake us up once again

In this world of beauty-day

And long silence-night

And no one to tell

And leaving no choice

But to sit up and write.




When I want to see You






After the rain

Every stalk of grain

Gently and happily shaking

Under careful Blessing

Moving flowers to be

Like you and me.


-Patanga Cordeiro

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