Poems about victory

Each meditation is a battle

From the moment I wake up

And dress to suit

To the final bell and beyond


Armies of thoughts

divine and undivine

Clash in my mind´s eye

As I look at my Master´s Eye


Body, vital and mind

throw all their letargy, impurity

and doubt projectiles


That simply smash against

the impenetrable wall

of the soul-fort


The heart-captain collects the fallen soldiers

and the undivine weapons

placing them in his silence-throne


Then a battle cry is heard

– aspiration-cry,

and finally the battle

for real life begins.






“The secret of meditation,” my Master says, “is aspiration. Aspiration is the inner cry.”

One day I shall cry inwardly,

if not like a helpless baby hungry,

then like a soldier who knows

this can be his last fight.






A victory song is

A defeat sung by the victor,

For anything “we win”

Takes us away from Him.


-Patanga Cordeiro

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