Poemas de Nishikanto Ray Chowdhury, do Ashram de Sri Aurobindo



I am the clay-petal of a mortal flower-birth,

I am the barren brownness of desert-desire,

Through my dim pores is fluted the music of earth,

My breast bears the candle of a glow-worm fire.


I am a pilgrim-poet on the ways of the world,

My poems are surging upon Time’s ocean,

Around my life’s stone-torpor ages have swirled,

Far-calling fountain voices of deep emotion.


When the divine death-victor Will comes near,

My sleeping soul remembers an ancient duty:

My dark dungeons, light-festivalled, disappear,

And heavenly jewels jingle in my earth-beauty.

Crowned with pure joy, each clamouring atom stills:

At the feet of the timeless Beloved my body thrills.





Like a star in the sky, like a flower in May

You bloom, O my heart, in the deep,

Like a shell which bears the pure pearl play

In an ocean of vigilant sleep.


You have your colours, you have your brush

And a canvas eternally wide;

In a trance you dance with the luminous hush

Bearing Time’s silent tide.


You are moulding the clay to an angel’s eye,

And moving the thorn as a pen

You change the black veil with a golden dye

And break the blind dark den.


Consciousness grows in the Mother divine,

You laugh on her lap in your dream;

Your thoughts are bright with her red sun-wine

And your words in her silver moonbeam.


Sleep, sleep, O my bird, in your glorious nest

Like a pearl in the deep’s delight,

Like a star of the sky in its radiant rest,

Like a flower on a timeless height.







From where come the shimmering dots of emerald green

On the dead-red canvas of a stone-stricken soil?

Such honey-sweet plenty flowers from what source unseen—

Here, where earth’s form is a crude poisonous coil?


Here I have seen a straight brush-stroke, iron-ash-grey,

A long winding of palm groves horizon-stretched,

Branches of star-triangular rhythm with heaven-sapphire play,

Steel-strong sinews by deathless spirals caged.


O thou, the Almighty Artist of royal reality,

Teach me thy technique of miraculous transformation,

By which I can lose my flesh-born dull triviality

And gain release for my life, gain realisation.


Give Thy colour-fountained luminous brush of power,

Let bloom through my hard granite a heavenly flower.





A darkness masked as light its angry motion hurls,

The lost dark sun shines like a hungry vulture’s eye,

A serpent way from horizon to horizon swirls

Its flow of aimless, dreamless travellers. Destiny


In a soul-paralysed wakefulness sets world-life to swim

On a sweet-coloured poison-deep. Demon shades

Recast into dire splendours through human faces gleam

In a flesh-festivalled glory: shimmering flame pervades


From the hard black-fire mouth of mortality and men’s gaze

Is blind with burning undelight; Hideously nude,

The body moves, a myriad-mooded carnal blaze

In a death-desiring day, the devil’s prostitute.


On the western shore the breaking old world roars,

The vampire witch her all-devouring dragon face

Opens where the evening scene of evil floods and pours

The blood of an old sun.


Here a pure crystal grace

Crowns the horizoned east far from that tossing sea;

New evolution here unrolls its tranquil white—

Mooned consciousness.


O embodied fair Infinity,

Mother of a divine creation, touch with heavenly Light,

Release the earth from cruelty of the demon-day.

Thou hast taken up my fate, queen of the radiant throne,

In thy high cradle of star-truth; I laugh and play

And nestle in thy heart’s sapphire hyaline. An unknown

Joy hushes now my soul: it carries still sublime

Words, thy celestial necklace jewelling endless Time.





My consciousness flows like a wide and glowing river;

The gloomy tide is now a splendour-gleam,

Thou hast come and thriven in me, O rhythm-giver,

I brim with thy full-mooned creative dream.


In my bosom’s secret core

Thou hast opened a radiant door

And through it vast melodies pour:

A gold descent with heavenly murmur, an angel-stream.


The world of clay bears a gorgeous change

While round her neck I wreathe a sun-garland

Of amaranth glory. Far enchanting fiery and strange

Starry notes flame through each earthly strand.


O trivial creatures of flesh

In pleasure’s dim painful mesh,

I shall make you bright and fresh

And free, with the marvel touch of a mighty lustrous hand.


The pale gray and black dry thorns upon the way

Under my tread blossom to beaming rays,

The universe is a lyre that tunes a play,

Fragrant with my heart’s rosary of godly grace.

I have shattered the hard rocky prison

Like a spring my spirit has risen

And flooded the desert horizon;

My life illumines the death-dark night of time and space.








A mystic land, a world of magic wonder;

A picture painted with subtle light and shade;

A white moon lotus of deep and delicate splendour;

A rainbow romance—a rose of passion-red.


A land of light with a delightful play;

A festival manifested with heavenly claim;

Descending showers that make to blossom the clay

An eveless and a sleepless sunfire flame.


A land of earth with many laughters and tears

Churned and cherished in the bosom of a yearning source,

Through the mortal game immortal experience bears

And pulls at the sky with giant cords of force.


O painter and poet-musician of my human birth,

I am tuned in thy tremolo of dreamland, heaven and earth.





The dull gold of departing day dissolves in the west,—

A barren evening’s nut-brown atmosphere

Fading to shadow slowly on the horizon-crest;

With a wan dream of dead sun I am walking here;


Before me moves an ocean of vastitude sapphire

With wavy curves cream-soft and Chinese-white,

And from the Unfathomed rises a vision of silver-fire—

Shimmering with grace of a crystal God-light


A mermaid angel of beauty and movement came,

Revealed the pearl-purity of your divine deep

With star-rising bright eyes and a moment-whim

Of jewelling play and rhythmic delightful sweep.


It changed time, transformed the day’s departing tear.

Turned to crystal my dull nut-brown atmosphere.








Hark, the voice of silence, call of the midnight bird:

The tune shakes the root of the dumb sleep earth,

It climbs above spreading its echoes through the stirred

Ways of heaven and jingles with stars of marvel-mirth.


The veil of mystery slowly lifts with the ethereal sounds;

The unknown beauty of night opens to the solemn vast

Infinitude: the dream-rose garland of love surrounds

The maiden on her velvet couch—an expectancy cast

Like lightning among the blind foldings of cloudy time;

The delivered consciousness of the imprisoned thirst for light

Brims now with song of celestial streams, the joyous chime

Glows with an inner moon-rise melody, gold and white,

Drenching the desert-dark of the world; O Immortal lore

Of mortal birth, like the bright-winged bird with you I soar.





My consciousness is caught by a giant power,

And I am drinking heavenly vats of wine;

My moments now are starring Time’s black tower,

My thought ripples on the infinite crystalline.


An unhorizoned moon of peacefulness

Beams her white widening calm in my soul-centre:

A new sun thrills, creating golden days,

Moved by the magic brush of my heart’s painter.


O force beyond all speech, joined is my fate

To your everlasting ecstasy of fire;

For I have grown eternity’s playmate,

Tossing my diamond-music of desire.


World after world melts to a spirit-shower:

My consciousness is caught by a giant power.







A red sea swings

On the crystal deep,

The rainbow sings

On a white wide sleep;

The greenwood bowl

To horizon-goal

Flows with a wine of golden streams


The flame-lives dance

On a still life-fire,

And soul-songs glance

On a mute sapphire;

Births are all dews

Of human hues—

Bubbles of wine with desire-dreams.


But who is the deep

And white wide sleep?

The giant hushed with intoxication

Is drinking the dreams of his bubbling creation.





The night is sealed to silence: on lonely seat

I feel One motionless mute in my heart; deep

In inexpressible thoughts, the white moon-lit

Omniscient dreams in his wide illumined sleep.


Songs curve like slow billows on a soundless sea,

The profound and solemn call of a face unseen

Opens veils of unfathomable mystery,

And the fire-bosomed visions of eternity lean


To the nude and flaming beauty of a new world;

Time’s charioteer wheels on with wordless force.

A myriad virgin fancies have flowered and pearled

In the poet, — the moment-moulder; the crystal source


Of the Creator flows through the stillness of burning stars

And my soul drowned in their silence his numberless creations bears.







A blind background of nothingness; a bare

Horizonless desert covered up by a vast

Skyless mist: with a sudden violent blast

It cracked; and the leap of a red, fiery glare


Revealed from the dense mist a blazing mountain

Of crimsoned snow and ranges of purple light

Kissed by a cobalt firmament; leaving the height

A violet river streamed from its luminous fountain.


Through the valleys’ labyrinth of emerald green

There rose a form of beauty and immaculate grace—

A silver halo round the moon-white face—

And towards me slowly came. With her hands of sheen


She held the violet drink in a golden cup before

My yearning lips. I drank; the vision was no more!